About Villamar Beach Resort

Welcome to Villamar Beach Resort, the nearest beach resort to Metro Manila.

The resort is located in Noveleta, Cavite, and boasts of a beachfront about a third of a kilometer long. Villamar Beach Resort has complete facilities for daytime visitors as well as for overnight guests. There are 2 restaurants, shower stalls, shaded picnic tables and gazebos, private rooms, air-conditioned suites, and function rooms.

Entrance fee per person is only P30, shower stalls at only P15 per person. Picnic tables are priced at P100 and P250 each, depending on table size.

Fees are lower than most other resorts

a suite

a non-aircon room

You can stay in our regular rooms at P500 for 2 persons, and in air-conditioned rooms at P1,500 for 2 persons.  Room rates are good for either daytime or evening accommodations only, and charges for a 24-hour stay are double the day or night rates. Additional persons in the rooms and cottages are charged extra at P100 per head in regular rooms, and P200 per head in air-con rooms.

Villamar is accessible by public transportation. Take any bus going to Cavite City, and you will find the resort just before the boundary of the city.

a regular room on the left side, Villamar 2

a regular room on the right side, Villamar 1

The resort is managed by two related families.  If you are renting a room, you will have to decide which room you will get, on your own. The staff at the gate will simply suggest that you turn either right or left, because to your right is Villamar 1, and to your left is Villamar 2. Room rates are the same, and both areas have regular as well as airconditioned rooms.

You can make reservations thru the following numbers, by call or by text messages:

Villamar 1 : Baby  09298905763

Villamar 2 : Lolit 09204084444

However, we will require a deposit to confirm your reservations.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to Villamar